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SINCE 1998

Jet Raid is a jet ski competition established back in 1998 by Mr Nassogne Patrick.



Jet Raid is a jet ski competition established back in 1998 by Mr Nassogne Patrick. The project started out with eleven jet ski pilots and a handful of volunteers.


At 2002 the project evolved into Corona Jet Raid, a sponsorship the helped us become known internationally. Jet Raid has visited and been held in a lot of different environments and places around the world (Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Uruguay, Peru, Greece, Brazil, Argentina). The race is ideal for those who are looking for a physical and mental challenge, looking for fun and are eager to test

their endurance to the extreme.

In the early 1990s, Jet Raid was an exotic adventure and endurance competition held in Africa. The race was spread over 10 days, and we went up the lengthy African rivers. Raid means “descent” in French. We have crossed the most beautiful and dangerous places of the African continent.

HJSBA (Hellenic, jet-ski, sport & boating, association) is our main partner and collaborator regarding the Greek event. HJSBA was founded at 2008 by athletes, distinguished nationally and internationally, of motorized water vehicles.These athletes possess unique experiences, skills, and knowledge in the context of racing preparations. These are the same athletes who pioneered and “brought” the rules and the know-how of this sport in Greece. Furthermore, they always remain passionate in promoting and developing the sport and attracting new athletes. They facilitated the need for creating the necessary specifications in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard for the commission and the healthy promotion of sports. The vision of the HJSBA is the Pan-Hellenic spread of Jet ski races and the safe use of these trades by competitors and amateurs of all ages.

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